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Posted by Xypter on 09-14-2023 6:08pm PDT

Just popped in to say we got a new affiliate. Rootpain bringing back the nostalgia of personal websites. Check it out

Happy New Year!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 01-01-2023 9:36am PST


It's been a while, hasn't it? I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year on behalf of all of SGXP! This will be a pretty exciting year and I can't wait to continue my comic as soon as possible, thanks for sticking by!

- TheBlurCafe

New Page Published! - Page 75, End of the Tournament Arc!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 09-23-2022 8:17am PDT


I still can't believe I ACTUALLY managed to finish this arc, it feels surreal!

Let this day go down in history as the day that Blur finally finished the Tournament Arc!
I will be taking a break to focus on my studies and whatnot, which means that I'll be back in December, but until then, thanks for reading all the way through!

Onward to new adventures!


- TheBlurCafe

New Page Published! - Page 74

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 09-22-2022 9:06am PDT

Bit of a filler page, but needed to wrap things up.

Pictured: Blur (me) reacting to this arc's end after years of procrastination


- TheBlurCafe

New Page Published! - Page 73

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 09-21-2022 9:07am PDT

That punch feels SO cathartic


- TheBlurCafe

New Page Published! - Page 72

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 09-16-2022 12:28pm PDT

Speaking of light at the end of the tunnel... I think I myself can clearly see it as well!
It's almost over, I can't believe it!

Also... what could Thomas be possibly talking about? Only time will tell!


- TheBlurCafe

New Page Published! - Page 71

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 09-12-2022 4:34am PDT

Decided to add the page number on the headline, just to make it easy to tell when a page is uploaded.

Anyway, We're almost at the end! Whew!


- TheBlurCafe

New Page Published!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 08-30-2022 4:34am PDT

Through the power of flashbacks... he rises!


- TheBlurCafe

New Page Published!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 08-17-2022 7:27am PDT

Nice (page number is actually #69, but the URL displays #70 because of the 4-year anniversary page, oops).


- TheBlurCafe

New Page Published!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 08-04-2022 6:58am PDT

We are almost at the finish line!


This whole arc was a mistake... but I'll be able to wrap it up this month!
Sorry for being so inactive peeps, I'll try to put out as many pages as possible during the month of August, stay tuned!

- TheBlurCafe