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It's about Angels

Posted by NeroIntruder on 02-23-2021 5:44pm PST

'sup! I'm NeroIntruder, but you can call me Nero, longtime spriter and comic maker. As Xypter below me announced, my main project, Virtue Complex, originally hosted on Smackjeeves and later Comicfury, is now on SGXP!

Huge shoutouts to Xypter, who let me host the comic on SGXP and helped me with the setup, I'm honored to have Virtue Complex on this site alongside comics like Insonicnia. Now, go give it a read!

New Comic

Posted by Xypter on 02-23-2021 5:07pm PST

Wowza, double update!

We are excited to announce NeroIntruder's comic, "Virtue Complex", will now be actively hosted on our site. I am personally stoked to have another active comic maker added to the team, and hope you will show him some love. If you haven't read it already, go check it out in the link below!

Virtue Complex

We just got chonkier

Posted by Xypter on 02-23-2021 2:59pm PST

You may notice some changes to the website happening. We are experiencing a lot of exciting things as we prepare for the massive amount sheets we will be updating in the following months. The first order of business though was expanding the width to fit the new icons we'll be using for the new sprite collection.

What you see now is the result of about a week and a half of working the kinks out. Many of the major changes were done to the source html and css, which were massively inefficient from the rag-tag code I've been using over the months. I decided to give it some TLC, and make things more efficient so that I can update parts more easily. With this out of the way, I will begin work on items such as user accounts, upload management tools, and eventually a theme selector to customize your experience.

As always, if there is anything that I missed that is not working or is completely broken, let me know in the Discord and I'll give it the fixins.

P.S. We also have new banners up courtesy of our members. We host bi-weekly contests on our Forum and Discord, so come by if you want to join the fun.

New Page Published!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 02-20-2021 2:17pm PST

Well, call me Mr. Unpredictable, cause I am full of surprises!



Posted by Xypter on 02-03-2021 10:38pm PST


New Page Published!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 01-20-2021 2:06pm PST

A new page is up, and it looks like things are finally getting interesting!
Who knows what's gonna happen next?


Slogans FTW

Posted by Xypter on 01-10-2021 8:55pm PST

We got random slogans now, 100% generated by our users. You too could have your fancy slogan posted if you join our Discord.

Come one come all. We got cake.

A Fresh Layout

Posted by Xypter on 01-06-2021 8:18pm PST

I thought it was high time we updated our site graphics. The previous background fit my purposes well, but this was only temporary as I was keen on making something a bit more special.

I've always been fond of the idea of animated backgrounds. There's something special about coming to a website and seeing it flow before your eyes. Back 10 years ago the internet did not have the sophisticated tools we have now to make this easy. Fortunately we are living in a time of higher bandwidth, feature rich css and high tech web browsers. My hope is you will feel a tinge more life when you browse our site.

In the near future, I have plans for multiple themes that can be changed to other styles. A good omen of things to come.

Happy New Year!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 12-31-2020 4:35pm PST

I have no idea of your time zone, but here, it's 2021.

Happy New Year to all of you!

A New Adventure!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 12-31-2020 11:31am PST

Heyo there!
I am TheBlurCafe, creator of Spikes The Hedgehog, the main protagonist of my own series, "Spikes' Chronicles", the SGXP's exclusive comic which you can read right now!

It's a series I started in 2017 on DeviantART, and after a long time, I have finally found a host for my comic, so a big, BIG thanks to Xypter for giving me such an opportunity, none of this would have been possible without you.

With that said, why are you still here? Go read the comic now!