Sprite Page Under Construction

Posted by Xypter on 02-17-2020 8:01pm PST

Now that most of our layout code has been taken care of, I have begun official construction of our sprite page. Full story below.

As most Sonic fans are aware, a big hole in our community was left when the Mystical Forest Zone shut down its website. One of its best features was its large collection of sprite sheets that gave comic makers and animators a resource to use in their projects. Although the basic characters could be found on the Spriter Resource, many of the other unique gems can now only be accessed via the Wayback Machine.

I am fully aware that Kajin / Atto Sama may have plans to bring the site back. Links to the old site show a blank landing page, and rumors have spread that the forest will bloom again. All of that makes me feel excited, and I hope that it will happen in the near future. But the fact of the matter is that Sonic fans no longer have a convenient resource to use for their projects. While we wait for an official release of their site, the sprite page I build will act as an archive of their old website. As you can already tell, the buttons look just a tad diffent but are still very similar to the old layout. This is in hopes that the restoration will be a fimiliar place for old timers to come back to.

I am no way in affiliated with the MFZ, and am fully aware that many of the sheets explicitely state that they are only to be hosted on the MFZ. I feel however, that the spirit of my decision is to open the gates back up to collaboration, and that the only way to do that is to make the older sheets available in a convenient manner to people who want to use them again. I fear that if no one attempts to do this, we may suffer the consequences of data loss if in an unlikely event the Wayback Machine no longer hosts the archives.

I implore any of the original creators to please contact me if you do not want your content hosted on my website. I would equally be excited if Kajin or Atto Sama contacted me for coding assistance if they ever come across this page. I would love to play an active part in bringing back the real MFZ, since its a place that brought so many great creators together. 

For those who want to assist me in my endeavor, please join our Discord and message me over the Web discussion thread about potential ideas and bug fixes you may see. With time, I hope this project will usher in a new era of Sonic creators to take up the flag where our predacessors left off.