Author: Damien
A story of betrayal upon the very foundation of life. A girl named Violet faces the questions of a curse and an adventure that many could not comprehend. A dark world and a mystery to be solved.
WARNING: Viewer discretion advised
The Gamma Chronicles
Author: OmegaSonic
Useless consumer models.
Immortal Curse
Author: Tsukuru
Immortality is not what it is made out to be,
You see a blessing, I see a curse,
An incurable curse,
An immortal curse...
Author: Kajin
Brought back from the archives, a humorous comic about the characters of Sonic the Hedgehog, living together in one house. Jolly good fun mate. Pip pip and all that.
InSONICnia Advanced
Author: Kajin
Originally a voting incentive for InSONICnia; now it has its own section! Unrelated to the main comic, this one mostly pokes fun at the sonic universe in general with zero continuity.
The Mighty Omega
Author: OmegaSonic
Dude, have you been sniffing the magic mushrooms again?
Sonic Meets Megaman
Author: OmegaSonic
Sonic and the gang rip a hole in the space time continuum. What they find may shock you!
Tribent The Tri-Hog
Author: Tribent
In the depths of darkness, where nye is seen nor heard, a hero is born.