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Chad Daddy
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Dec 16, 2020
By popular request from a couple of our members (you know who you are), we will be holding our first community sprite contest. This could be your lucky day my friend. You could be the first winner of this community's very first contest. History in the making.

We are doing this for the next couple weeks as a test run, and are hoping to have as many people participating as possible. With any luck, we may hold more in the future.

This first contest will be designed to exercise your character building skills. Below are the details:

Premise: You are tasked with creating a giraffe OC that could be put into the Sonic universe. It could be cute and cuddly, or gruff and nasty. Whatever your preference, make it a good one.

Never fear, for many of us (myself included), this will be our first time creating a custom sprite. Whatever your skill level, give it a shot and see what your made of. You are allowed to use references and images to assist you, but you may not edit or copy another sprite.

Where do we post it?: Your final submission will be posted in this thread, attached as an image.

Deadline: Your sprite must be submitted by Thursday, January 14th at midnight EST.

What happens next?:
Once we reach the deadline, the thread will be locked, and the winner will be picked by voting on the winner. Voting will be located at the top of the page with a poll, with the names of each of the participants. If you posted a sprite, your name will be automatically added to the list. The voting deadline is midnight the next day, in our case, Friday, January 15th at midnight EST.

Whether you participated or not, you may vote for anyone you'd like. The criteria for the winner is entirely up to you.

In the event of a tie, a runoff between the tied individuals will take place until a majority vote has been reached.

Yay I won!!! Wait, what's the prize?: If you are voted the winner, congratulations! Your prize for this contest is to pick the theme for the next contest. It can be anything sprite related, within reason of course...

We are very excited to see what you submit. If you have any questions, feel free to post below or send a message over Discord. Off you go!
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Sayano Rinkushi

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Jan 4, 2021
My Giraffe, her name is Daisy and she likes to wink at people in a creepy way.......But yeah, this is all I could do


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Wait really?
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Jan 11, 2021
A burned down forest
I now present to you, Gustav "Lucky Madman" the Giraffe, the lone star from Slamtown, pupil of the great master Flicky!
And as an extra: Grand Gustav!

Gustav trained for many years under his loyal coach, master Flicky, to become the heavyweight boxing champ of the world. Naturally, it helped that his head was hard to reach for most of his opponents in the first place. Unfortunately, on the day he finally achieved his title, a mad scientist with a big moustache kidnapped master Flicky! One could only imagine what that evil mastermind has in store for such an elite fighter.
On this day, Gustav vowed to step out of the ring and face the greatest opponents he could find all around the world, to prepare for his upcoming fight against the nefarious plans of that crooked madman, and to avenge his dear master Flicky.

The super form was just something I added because I figured it'd be funny if the big piercing in his ear was a ring. Then I wondered what would happen if he ever absorbed it after wearing it for ages. This is how Grand Gustav came to be. Noone knows why his shades also go super, everyone just agrees it looks really cool.

The sprites without the shades are just there for the convenience of the people. In-character, Gustav never lets anyone see him without his shades on. Except of course for master Flicky.
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