Event The First Annual One Punch May Challenge!

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Feb 20, 2021
Terms and Conditions

So some of you knew this was coming, a lot of you knew I was working on it.
To avoid the Discord being crammed full of boring text here we can find the full terms and conditions and… Well… The Cardio limits will be found here. I’ll post each tiers “challenge” then nearer the bottom you can find what is allowed for “cardio”. Sick?
Further down than that you’ll find terms on Injuries/Illnesses and the prizes and stuff.

Now remember, each of these are required to be completed Every Single Day, that’s all 31 days in May to be successful!

One Punch May
100 Push Ups,
100 Sit Ups,
100 Squats,
10km Run/Power Walk/Hike or 30km Cycle or 1hour Cardio

Captain May-Zuki
50 Push Ups,
50 Sit Ups,
50 Squats,
5km Run/Power Walk/Hike or 15km Cycle or 30mins Cardio

May-Men Rider
25 Push Ups,
25 Sit Ups,
25 Squats,
2.5km Run/Power Walk/Hike or 7.5km Cycle or 15 mins Cardio

Cardio (besides running/power walking/hiking/cycling);
Swimming, Jump Rope, Dancing, Organised Sports, Martial Arts, Trampoline-ing, Water Sports (Rowing, Kayaking, Paddleboard), Roller Blading, BoardSports (Skiing/Snowboarding/Skating/Surfing). If there are others you wish to do please speak to me and I’ll look up how it can fit.
Remember that Running/Power Walking/Cycling is distance based, not time, so going for an hour-long-walk and covering 5km does not fill the criteria for One Punch May, but would for Captain May-Zuki.

This is meant to be fun, not just torture. Hence if due to illness/unforeseen matters you miss a day that does not disqualify you completely.
As it stands missed days will require you to drop a tier (i.e. One Punch May down to Captain May-Zuki) with respect to the others in your original tier, so long as the completed exercise matches what would have been required so far for that tier. So if you’re doing One Punch May and miss the final week due to illness we’ll discuss you still being rewarded for completion of Captain May-Zuki.
This isn’t a set rule, and will be down to individual review as we don’t want people abusing this to take rest days as this would defeat the spirit of the challenge. But I wanted people to be assured it wasn’t an all or nothing situation.
In view of Injuries I’m happy to advise as I have some first aid knowledge, however don’t be disappointed if my advice is mainly “get rest, if it’s not recovering seek professional help”

Thought I’d leave the best until last, why not? Completion of individual tiers will succeed in granting you the following;

One Punch May: Entry into the Oppai Hoodie Raffle, this would require you giving me your size/address at the end and only 1 person will get the hoodie, but it will be real! Everyone who completes this tier will get some SFX for their Punch animation and all the below.
Captain May-Zuki: Banana… Again this will require giving me an address upon completion of the challenge. Also you’ll get a Punch animation (multiple frames) for your OC as well as the below.
May-Men Rider: A pixel Oppai Hoodie for your OC, and One Punch Sprite.

In terms of prizes the RL prizes will be paid for, ordered and posted out to you by me and only me. I give you my word I’ll delete your address afterwards so no concerns about additional post.
Pixel rewards will be a join effort provided by the work of myself, as well as the number one, the only, the red Lion himself. Gardow! (So you know it’ll be quality)

That all make sense?

Once again, remember One Punch May takes place for the whole of May, from the 1st to the 31st with no rest days!

Join by reacting to the tier card of your choice over in the discord and lets do this!
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Dec 16, 2020
One Punch May is over: With the winners being:

Gardow - One Punch May
Dizakui - One Punch May
Xypter - One Punch May-Zuki
Sayano - May-Men Rider

Thread locked.
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