Contest The Fifth SGXP Community Contest!

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Jan 4, 2021
Hello there! Soooo after my catastrophic handling of that 4th contest, I'm here to announce the fifth community contest. I'm hoping this will be better. Before that, I'd like to thank everyone that participated in the last one, all your entries were great and I thought they were really creative.

So, following the tradition, our previous winner, which is Gardow, has chosen the theme for this contest:

Premise: Your new goal is to design a badnik. It can be based off of anything, and this is your only limitation:

1. Your entry can either be a sprite or a drawing.

Same as for the other contests, you're allowed to make this in any style: Megadrive, Modgen, Advance, etc... or even a custom style. You can obviously use references, but you may not copy another sprite or image. Go crazy.

Where do we post it?: Your final submission will be posted in this thread, attached as an image.

Deadline: Your entry must be submitted by Saturday, May 1st at midnight CEST. (just so I dont get confused with times)

What happens next?:
Once we reach the deadline, the thread will be locked, and the winner will be picked by voting on the submissions. Voting will be located at the top of the page with a poll, with the names of each of the participants. If you posted your entry, your name will be automatically added to the list. If there is a draw, we will redo a vote and the winner of that poll will be the winner of the contest. The voting deadline is midnight the next day, in our case, Sunday, May 2nd at 11:59PM CEST.

Whether you participated or not, you can vote for anyone you'd like. The criteria for the winner is entirely up to you.

Yay I won!!! Wait, what's the prize?: If you are voted the winner, congratulations! Your prize for this contest is to pick the theme for the next contest. It can be anything sprite related, within reason of course... Your deadline for picking the topic is Saturday, May 8th at midnight CEST. Of course, the winner of the previous contest cannot win the next one (and the winner of the next one can't either, etc...)

We are very excited to see what you submit. If you have any questions, feel free to post below or send a message over Discord. Off you go!
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Feb 20, 2021
Lianne-ka's entry
Badnik LiLi.png


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