Contest SGXP Community Contest 14 - Interior, Totodile, Feraligatr? [Deadline: March 18th 23:59GMT]

Who has the best Feng Shui?

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Feb 20, 2021
Guys, guys, I moved into this sweet new place and...
Wait a minute...
Aww man, I hope you can all help out!

Premise: Decorate the room,


1. Entries can be sprites, illustrations, 3D models, 3D printed, Paper mache idc as long as it follows the other rules;
2. You don't have to use the image provided, but entries must follow the dimensions of this room,
2a. Based on the tile in the top-right, the room is 11x7 tiles (and the wall is 2 tiles high),
2b. The Staircase is 2x2 tiles, faces the right hand wall, and is 2 tiles from the right hand wall (and flush against the top wall),
2c. You may change the orientation of the room, just so long as the dimensions are the same (and the staircase orientation shifts as well).
2c. We'll say it's an attic room though, if you wanna add windows then feel free.
3. By decorate I mean go nuts, as long as the room dimensions are the same;
3a. Furniture... Obvs...
3b. Wanna put stuff on the walls? Go nuts,
3c. Change the wall paper? Be my guest,
3d. Hate the gawdy flooring? Throw down a new one!
3e. A hot new RX-78-02 dakimakura in the corner? PLEASE!
4. Eagle eyed viewers may notice I used the bedroom from Fire Red/Leaf Green, this is because I am an elite Pokemon trainer,
4a. I'm not going to say people can't use assets from the Pokemon games to decorate the room,
4b. If people do this however, please state that's what you did along side the entry (for fairness on those who make their own),
4c. Find these yourself, it's already the easy road.

If there are any questions about any of this feel free to drop a message in here or on the discord,

Where do we post it?: Final submissions should be posted in this thread, attached as an image.

Deadline: Your entry must be submitted by Friday, March 18th by 23:59GMT,
I’ll set up this up as an event on the discord to help those of different time zones.
But wait, that's 3 weeks! Yeah the shorter voting window means we can allow longer for people to work and still keep a monthly rotation, neat huh?

What happens next?: Once we reach the deadline then late entries will not be allowed, and a poll created to let people vote for their winner!
The vote will remain open for a weekend and at the end of that, we will have a winner!
Whether you participated or not, you can vote for anyone you'd like. The criteria for the winner is entirely up to you.

Yay I won!!! Wait, what's the prize?: If you are voted the winner, congratulations! You get to pick the next contest!
Not only this, but starting here the competition winner will have a medal added to their username until the next contest's voting period (gotta have those bragging rights right?)
And also! You and your entry will be added to the Hall of Fame for the rest of time! Woohoo! Or y'know until this place dies

Any questions then slide into the Discord and feel free to ask there.

As a wise man once said;
“You’re strong, you’re a Kelly Clarkson song, you got this.”
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New member
Feb 28, 2022
Here is mine, ready to go! A carpet and a treasure chest.


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Alpha Prime

Author of FTLFW
Mar 16, 2022
Hello. Check one, check two, check three - microphone check. Sibilance. Sssibilance.

Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 4.39.49 PM.png

Per the rules of the contest, I really ought to tell you I used assets from the Pokemon games when putting this together - but I'm going to go the extra mile and tell you that much of this was made possible via assets kluged from Mother 3, in particular the old folk's home and the absolutely filthy apartments. Much like everything I do, nothing is truly 100% custom - even the RGB gaming computer in the corner was recolored from FR/LG's desktop tower. Most of what you see here is frankenspriting crossed with the occasional stain or drop shadow that was technically drawn by me. The rug is an arena from a fighting game (I don't remember which one) compressed down to about 50% and mirrored. To save time and space, I already have an exhaustive list of credits to people whose sheets commonly appear on my hard drive available on my website here. I should note that a few assets on this sheet (the bookshelf, the computer monitor as seen from the back, some of the plush toys) are sourced from files downloaded from Majhost that lack any artist attribution. I have no idea who made them, but I can assure you it wasn't me. The body pillow is hypothetically 100% custom insofar as it's just an image shrunk down to the appropriate size and given an outline.

May the best room win.


Feb 20, 2021
Not gonna be able to add more to it, the bed is a heavy edit but the other furniture is custom (though referenced FR/LG and R/S furniture for size/style and palettes).

My idea was that the reliance on wood was as if it had been recycled from the forest, and donated/handed down to support the new life of the person who moved (geddit?),
Then I was gonna add items based on members as if people had tried to chip in and donate stuff again to support and help...

But I ran out of time because the idea came late and I got busy.

Sayano Rinkushi

New member
Jan 4, 2021
I think Alpha just makes us remember what our rooms were like in the 80's/90's.....Nerd/Geek Culture was awesome back then