Dead Indeed

Smack Jeeves Dead Indeed 2021-12-31

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"Life sucks. And then you die. And then it still sucks."

The above statement is true in the case of Lyoko, an antisocial newt. One night he tragically dies. Unbeknownst to him, death isn't the ultimate retirement he was hoping for. It's not all about white lights. In some cases under special circumstances you don't cross over, you stay there. Now it's time for a game of hide and seek, cat and mouse as Lyoko must find shelter from Death, who seems to not be able to locate his spirit. With the help of Zig, a seemingly kind hedgehog, and Gardow, a very exotic lion, Lyoko must live out his second life hidden from death, while also trying to live it to the fullest.
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Lyoko the Newt
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